Some of the rituals observed at the Monastery.

Sl# Month Rituals
1 First month of Bhutanese calendar Chomtruel Dawa (Recitation of bum)
2 Fourth month of Bhutanese Calendar Saga Dawa (Karling Zhithro Druba&Mipham Dae choe)
3 Fifth Month of Bhutanese Calendar Ten da Tshechu (Konchok Chidu)
4 Sixth Month of Bhutanese calendar ChoeKhor Korwai Duechen (Chod Tshok-Tsholay

Rinchen Threngwa)

5 Ninth Month of Bhutanese Calendar Lhabab Duechen (Guru Zhiwai Tshok Bum)
6 Eleventh Month of Bhutanese Calendar Kuchoe of H.H the 11th Late Samtruel Rinpoche
7 Ninth Month of Bhuanese Calendar Annual Tordok (Jampel Shinjey Drekjom)
*Note that on every 8th day of every month we conduct Drel Chok (An offering to Tara)
* On every 10th and 25th of every month we conduct feast offering to Guru Rinpoche
and to Khandros.