Tashi Dhedhenling Monastery is 45 mins drive from Thimphu on the way to Paro. It is a Nyingmapa order practicing Konchok Chidu (a treasure reveled by Terton Jatson Nyingpo). Tashi Dhedhenling Monastery at Wangbarma, Thimphu was built under the kind and strict guidance of H.H Trulku Jampel Tenpai Khorlo Rinpoche in the year 2004, It houses around 20 numbers of his disciples and himself.

The monastery has three root stupas (Tsa Sum) as its main object of veneration. i.e. padmabhasajvala as lama, Guru Drakpo as yidam and Dakini Singhamukha as khandro. The monastery has been providing service ever since it’s establish to the people at the times of need.

With a meager budget we could complete two double storied building, using the ground floor as hostel for the monks and upper story as teacher’s room cum class room and office. An adjacent building ground floor is used as kitchen and dining room where as the upper story is used as rinpoche’s residence. Though Rinpoche has a long cherished desire to construct a separate hostel and class room for the monks he could not do it so far due to the
budget constrain.

A quite a lot of number of people have been coming to enroll their sons in our holy community but we are unable to take them in due to the shortage of room and proper basic infrastructure facilities. With the passage of time we are forced to take up the new project to construct new hostel and class rooms. We have procured the permission from the concern authority to construct the hostel and class rooms. We have sanctified the ground for the construction. We could not progress any further due to the lack of fund. As his holiness doesn’t have any patron to help him we requests each and every generous donor from all walks of life to kindly help us by donating to build the hostel and class rooms.