The Choekhor Foundation is a non-profit charity organization, established in December 2012 by H.E Trulku Jampel Tenpai Khorlo Rinpoche at Tashideling Gonpa. The foundation is established for promoting and preserving the Buddha’s teaching in Bhutan and around the world. It is also established to mobilize funds and resources for the monks and monastery, thus ensuring long term sustainability of Tashideling Gonpa.

It is also to pay tribute to late Chabje Samdrup Rimpoche for his effortless teaching on Buddhism and his dream to establish Gonpa and flourish Buddha’s teaching. Late Chabje and H.E Trulku Jampel Tempay Khorlo Rinpoche do not limit Buddhism practice to the monks only but also welcomes people from all walks of life with interest and enthusiasm to practice Buddhism.

The Logo of the Choekhor foundation portrays Khorlo (Wheel of Dharma) on Meto Pema (Lotus Flower) wrapped with Khadar (white Scarf) in the form of garland.  The lotus flower represents symbol of fortune in Buddhism and resembles the purifying of the spirit and also faithfulness. The Khorlo (Wheel of Dharma) symbolize overcoming obstacles and the circular shape symbolizes the completeness of the Dharma. The eight spokes of the dharma wheel represents the Eightfold Path leading to enlightenment. Finally, the Khadher (White Scarf) wrapped around the wheel symbolize the goodwill and success to all the sentient beings.